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Pisces Love Compatibility

Other-worldly, ultra-sensitive and intuitive, you really need to be needed. Fantasy prone and alive in the world of your vivid imagination, you nevertheless suffer from fear of rejection and low self-esteem (although you hide this well in your efforts to create the ideal, loving environment for your loved ones). You seek a sensitive, soulful friend, but can be dazzled by appearances which scramble your naturally powerful radar and send you into a tailspin.

Pisces, a feminine sign, is tender and caring, but frequently subject to relationships where the other partner is domineering and uncaring. You submerge yourself in the experience of the other, which is okay, so long as that other is what he or she appears to be. In the event that your partner is truly sensitive, artistic (and preferably dying of consumption…), yet strong and caring (with a satisfactory income), you will soar on the wings of love and the relationship will be ecstatic and fulfilling to both parties.

On the other hand, should you have picked a rotten apple from the barrel, you’ll prolong the agony to an interminable degree, for you will feel that you must have done something to deserve the misery and will flourish in the role of martyr. Ugh. If this happens to you, you must snap the chain of karma that has trapped you in the bubbling vat of despond and get out quickly before you drown. There are lots of really wonderful people out there who will sense your needs and return your emotional investment in the most glowing of terms…

Your emblem, the Fishes, shows your duality. The contrast between the opposing sides of your personality is quite startling. One side of you is heroically romantic, wistful, imaginative, sensitive, sexually fulfilled, perceptive, creative, intuitive, even transcendental, while the other is depressive, masochistic, suicidal, frustrated, guilt-ridden, filled with self-loathing and a general doormat. Moreover, you can flick from one to the other of these sides of your character and back again with alarming ease and rapidity!

Pisces is a mutable sign, so you are best involved with a steadier, stronger personality who will tolerate and enjoy your romantic fantasies, yet still be there for you when the horrors strike deep in the night. There is no more loyal and caring lover than a piscean, but your need for emotional and sensual reassurance can lead to flirtations and dalliances that generate emotional instability. You are somewhat ambivalent in your sexuality and have been known to dabble in unusual relationships, including sexual explorations with members of the same sex and with multiple partners, group sex and of course you like nothing better than exploring your fantasies alone in the protected environment of self-stimulation.

Although you are the most loving and giving of the signs, your ability to select an inappropriate partner is legendary (bear this in mind as you suffer from the effects of delusion and haste). With the right partner, you are surely the ideal soul mate, lifelong friend and ally, although your sexuality reflects the needs of the other, to the extent that you can become confused as to what you really want and need. In the right relationship, your sexuality will blossom and become something of an artform, especially as you get a little older, more experienced and more confident.

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