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RAF Leeming Sgt’s Mess Summer Ball 2017

Saturday 9th June 2017

Personal Appearance!

It was a huge honour once again to be invited to the Sgt’s Mess Summer Ball on Saturday night the 9th June to read for our incredibly brave men and women at RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire.

They made me feel incredibly welcome, I had my own tent with my own sign that was made especially for me, I became so popular there was queue of around 20/30 people waiting at any one time in fact when 11pm came I didn’t leave I continued reading up until 11:30pm, for those who waited but couldn’t get to see I apologise, however I gave them all business cards so at their convenience they may call and have a personal in-depth reading with me either via telephone or in person.

It was such a fun night I met some fabulous people and the entertainment was fantastic … there were jugglers, live music, dancing, eating and drinking etc. All told it was a massive success so much so I would be highly delighted should they invite me back for 2018.

A massive thank you to Alice for inviting me, organising the tent and decorating it beautifully, also thank you to Simon for building the tent, and making that fabulous ‘Psychic sue’ sign.

On a final note I just want to say to all our very brave men and women in all our armed forces all over the world you do an incredibly selfless job – We all salute you!

Lots of love. Psychic sue xxx

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