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“I would like to thank Susan for such an amazing reading today. It was my first ever reading so I was unsure what to expect, but I was absolutely astounded at how she was able to connect. She tuned in to my current situation perfectly, and discussed with me things she never could have known. She has given me clarification on my present situation, and I now know what I have to do to get the future I want. It was brilliant that she was able to connect to my Grandma, and speak with her. I will definitely recommend her to all my friends. Today has put a real smile on my face. Thank you again Sue.”

Withheld Name November – 2011

“Having had a reading with Susan I would like to comment on her accuracy, honesty and advice. She picked up on my situation immediately and described exactly what had happened in a very emphatic and friendly manner. She gave me a lot of information and was very positive in helping me move forward. She really has helped me with my life journey to see the way ahead, her advice has been greatly received. I highly recommend Susan and would continue to remain in contact.”

Thank you

Laura Curling – Oct 2011

“I would like to say what a fantastic reading I had with Susan. She got my life exactly down to a “T” and picked up immediately my situation. She has made me feel a lot better about the future and I will definitely take notice of what my Nan told me. (She managed to contact her which was fab!). What a star, will contact again if needed… If my Nan lets me !!! Thank you ever so much.”

Julie – October 2011

“An extremely caring and understanding Lady who gives her heart and soul to the reading. She connects with depth and sincerity, to give you the very best of her abilities..Her insights are astounding, specific descriptions, dates and time frames. First Class Exceptional.”

Name withheld – October 2011

“I have just had a further reading with Susan today and words are hard to find to define the Quality of her spiritual connection. She saw me, my past, present and future with amazing clarity. She has such warmth, caring and strength, yet never deviates from the truth. Over my readings she discussed facts and events she could never have known. I feel that she genuinely cares and her predictions are true. A Wonderful and Rare Psychic Medium.”

Sally September 2011

“Thank you for the most AMAZING reading. My friend recommended that I ring you and I can see why!! I could not believe that you tuned into the difficulties in my life immediately, so much so that the hairs stood up on the back of my neck as you were speaking it was so uncannily direct and to the point. You gave me courage to keep going and invaluable advice whilst gently pointing out the pitfalls to beware of which I found particularly helpful. Each element of the reading was useful and I, even now, cannot believe the gift you have. The key points of description you saw regarding people involved directly in my situation were as true as if you had been at my side when the events had occurred!”
I am stunned.

Anthony J – London Sept 2011
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